Why do we exist?

Now that’s a question every person asks themselves at some point. We can be glad that God tells us He wants to have fellowship with us. That’s why we exist.

The one thing that stands in the way of that fellowship is our sin. But God has provided a payment for the penalty of our sin – it’s found through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ, who took our penalty when he died on the cross.

Through Jesus we can have fellowship with God in this life and eternal fellowship with Him in heaven forever when this life is over.

Then we ask: Why do we exist as a church? God tells us the answer to that one, too. The individuals who have fellowship with God are part of what He calls “the body of Christ.” And the people of that body are to help build others up in their relationship with Christ and point people to the truth of why we exist as individuals.

Orrville C&MA has a desire to do just that through all our ministries. We would love to have you join us, doing far more than just “existing”, but growing every day in our knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why We Exist, Orrville C&MA Church